Yellow House Resort

Hospitality is central to the restaurant business, yet it is a difficult idea to accurately define. Mostly, it is nice to people and make them feel welcome. You notice it when it is there, and you are especially noticeable when it is not. A significant lapse in this area can be your dominant impression or whole meal.

Welcome to our that special area!

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Find yourself a place to drive-in at our eatery.


Looking for a travern then it's Y-HR for you.


A place to hang-out with your friends and families.

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There are more to say and less to talk about whether it's enough to know the contents just reading or going through words. Though, I have some lists of our products on-clicking the menu button.

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"Yellow House Resort", your one way destination for hang outs with your friends and families for parties, restaurant and a place to relax while observing the Narayani River.

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Location: Kalika-Ganesh Mandir Road, Gaindakot 33000
Contact.No: 981-7420986